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Power Outrage started over 20 years ago, when we spotted a pair of books in the Literary Criticism section of a used bookstore in New Brunswick, NJ.

Book One: “What I Like”

Book Two: “What I Don’t Like”

Author unknown. These books hearken back to a simpler time when the simple fact of a few academic credentials entitled you to have rather gigantic Opinions…and these opinions rather counted as expertise. Even then it represented a world elsewhere, unattainable … critics with this 1950’s mindset were run out of their college towns on rails by professionalist critics in the 80s and beyond.

Still. That guy, whoever he was, might have been the first blogger. He wanted to expound on the stuff he liked. And hated. He had a mission to be heard. And probably made great pronouncements about TS Eliot and such.

Nevertheless…here I am now, in his not-so-humble footsteps. Outage or outrage…you can decide. We’re here to have some fun.

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